Appointing and dealing with a building surveyor

Most domestic building work in Victoria requires a building permit and the appointment of a building surveyor, to inspect the work at key stages as specified in the permit, and on completion. A building permit ensures that the plans, drawings and specifications for...Read More

The role of an expert witness in a planning dispute

If you are involved in a planning dispute, whether as a developer, homeowner or objector, it may be necessary or beneficial to retain an expert witness. The role of an expert witness in a dispute is to provide objective, qualified, documented evidence of the facts in...Read More

What is an encroachment?

An encroachment occurs when part of a building or fixture from one property intrudes onto adjoining land. The encroachment may simply overhang or be physically attached to the adjoining property. Examples include overhanging tree branches or awnings from a neighbour’s...Read More

Protection Work Notices – what are they?

Property owners, building professionals and developers should understand a landowner’s obligation to ensure neighbouring properties are adequately protected when carrying out building work. As high-density development increases to accommodate an expanding population,...Read More